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Welcoming of a new Child in April 2014

Our Supervisor Marcel got to know the story of a young girl of 12 years from a far of village, who lost her parents and has never been to school. He brought her to our center, she has already been for medical check up and lives now with the other Mountain Kids.



We are very happy to welcome our new 3 children on the 14th of August 2013 to the Mountain Kids Orphanage.
After a long day at the Social Center to prepare the admission documents, the kids and our team members Marcel, Noella and our German volunteer Daniela arrived in the evening yesterday. The first evening has been full of happiness, playing games with the other Mountain Kids to break the ice in between them to get to know each other better. The kids had a lot of fun in an atmosphere of warmth and welcoming.

By September 2013 all the kids will be sent to school.

Volunteer service

Mountain Kids is happy to Welcome the first volunteer from abroad. Daniela is a German volunteer, who gives us support in administration and child care. We are very happy to have her in our team for 6 month.

International Day of African Child

The International Day of African Child was celebrated in Buea on the 16th of June 2013 in the Cultural Center. Organized through the Social Affairs, Orphanages and Schools prepared activities in the week of the Day of African Child. Visiting the various institution as well as a visit to the prison was scheduled, where Mountain Kids donated some sweets and bisquits to the youths.
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Official Opening of Mountain Kids

 The official opening ceremony on the 13th of April at the Orphanage wa a very big success. We were happy to welcome many guests to the event. Under the guests we welcomed the Divisional Officer from Buea, the village community and the Divisional Delegate of the Social Affairs Fako Division as well as the Social center, donators and friends. Long preperations were made to bring this day to a full success. Media representatives were invited and covered the celebration, TV and radio Interviews were made with the Director and the assistant director of the Center. Speeches were hold from high authorities and the orphanage team. During the event a fundraising programm was included. Thanks for all our guests, who donated money on that day! A special thanks also to our event sponsor, who financed the whole event.

When we dream together it is the beginning of a new reality, yes it is! Thanks to all donators from Germany! All together we made it become reality.


Mountain Kids Team: Doreen, Mummy Stella, Katharina, Malcolm, Noella, Marcel and Mummy Vero and our lovely child Nora

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Arrival of the first two children at the Center

We are happy to welcome the two first children to the Mountain Kids Orphanage and center for distressed children. A warm welcome from all team members of the center and family members of the children was provided. We have been together to share cameroonian food and drinks. Since the first day in the Orphanage the kids already got adopted to our team members and especially to Mme Vero and Mme Stella, our two care taker ladies. The kids are enjoying the playing items, which were brought from Germany.
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Map Of Buea