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Cameroon, Central Africa


© Wikimedia Commons: Cameroon on the globe (Africa centered)      

© Wikimedia Commons: Cameroon  on the globe (Africa centered)

   Cameroon Map

 Reproduced with permission of Lonely Planet. © Lonely Planet, 2012




Buea is an old colonial and spectacular city at the foot of Mount Cameroon (4090m), an active volcano and the highest mountain in west Africa. The Mt. Cameroon area has one of the highest biodiversities in the world. Within the tropical rainforest around the mountain you can find beside big animal species like Forest Elephant, Chimpanzee, Drill and Preuss Monkey a wide variety of birds, butterflies and insects.

The capital of the south-west region was the colonial capital of the German Kamerun from 1901 to 1919, before the british colonial times began.
Beside many colonial buildings and monuments, which are found in Buea (Bismarck Fountain, German Graveyard, former residence of the German governor Jesko von Puttkamer) does the city also host the only Anglophone University in the country, which creates a typical student atmosphere in some parts of the town.

Mount Cameroon

Mount Cameroon


Old Residence of Governor Puttkamer
Old Residence of Governor Puttkamer


Colonial GermanGraveyard

 Colonial German Graveyard


Market In Buea

Market In Buea


Map Of Buea